Human Resource is recognized as the most important assets in hospitality industry, the backbone of our company. Topotels Hotels & Resorts corporate team has been carefully built base on trust, and selected from some of the most respected and talented professionals in the hospitality industry. Our board of directors and corporate team brings wealth of knowledge and perspectives on all aspects of the industry. These knowledge, experiences, and passion for the industry build the foundation of Topotels Hotels & Resorts passion for management excellence.

With having more than 10 years of both local and international experiences, our team members bring up variety of knowledge and standard procedure to all aspects of development; from technical to management and business development aspects.


Yonto Wongso

Chief Executive Officer & Co – Founder

Yonto Wongso, CEO & Co-Founder of Topotels Hotels & Resorts, a hotel management that he started in Indonesia in 2012 that has since become a regional hotel management company operating 23 hotels in Indonesia, Malaysia and Myanmar. Graduated from Business College in Sydney, Australia in 1989. Prior to founding Topotels Hotels & Resorts, he was a Director of Development in hospitality industry with more than 18 years experience.


Ren Tobing

Chief Commercial Officer & Co – Founder

Ren Tobing, CCO & Co-Founder of Topotels Hotels & Resorts, a hotel management founded in 2012. Graduated from Hotel Management from Tokyo YMCA International Hotel School, and Master Business Administration in Kennedy Western University Wyoming. He has been building knowledge and reputation since 1995 in various country and hospitality industry.


Ojahan Oppusunggu

Chief Technical Officer & Co – Founder

Ojahan Oppusunggu, CTO & Co-Founder of Topotels Hotels & Resorts, a hotel management founded in 2012 in Indonesia. He oversees the technical strategy of the company, and is dedicated to building a team of best engineers to keep Topotels Hotels & Resorts at the forefront of the industry. Graduated from Parahyangan Catholic University, and holds a Master Degree of Civil Engineering Specialist in Project Management from Pelita Harapan University.


Niken Suryandari

General Manager of Finance

Niken Suryandari, General Manager of Finance of Topotels Hotels & Resorts. She is responsible for shows outstanding capabilities in handling the area of Accounting and Finance in hospitality industry for more than 20 years. Graduated from Univerisitas Pembangunan Nasional Jakarta in 1988.


Erwin Drakosta Zebua

Corporate Legal & GM of Human Resources, Learning & Development

Erwin Drakosta Zebua, as a General Manager of Human Resources, Learning & Development in Topotels Hotels & Resorts. He is responsible to qualify a best human resources to join in Topotels Hotels & Resorts, and to develop their character based on their fields to be the best on their career.


Nadya Shera

Corporate Key Account & Marketing Manager

Has more than 6 years experiences in hotel industries. She learned a lot of importance building his guest relations with guests as part of the success of an operational hotel, from which she managed to become a reliable sales and update to the current marketing trends. With her dedication and willingness to continue studying at a very young age, she got the trust as a Corporate Key Account and Marketing Manager at Topotels Hotels & Resorts and challenge to be more advanced along and grow on her careers with Topotels Hotels & Resorts.


Monika Sebayang

Corporate Development Manager

Monika Mapulindu, works on this hospitality industry for almost 8 years. She has a great capabilities to develop Topotels Hotels & Resorts’ partnership & build profitable business together with respected owners & investors. Graduated from Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Bandung, also known as Enhai.


Jujun Juanda

General Manager of Engineering

Jujun Juanda, works for the first time in a corporate field to handle an engineering area, that holds an important parts for hotel units. Before joining in Topotels Hotels & Resorts, he was handle a hotel properties, which in here he has to control for 23 hotels unit, which makes him feel so challenging at the same time.


Imam Gunadi

Senior Revenue Manager

Imam Gunadi, joining Topotels Hotels & Resorts this year to handle and assist in a revenue for hotel units, to create a new strategies to achieve goals and profit for each hotel units.



General Manager of Operations

Has more than 20 years experiences in hotel industries, with F&B and also housekeeping background. Join with Topotels Hotels & Resorts since September 2016 with a commitment to support Management team to develop Operations area.